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If you are wanting your own website or maybe your current site is looking a bit dated and could do with an upgrade, please take some time to browse through my portfolio, and if you are happy with what you see hit the Contact button to contact with me.


About ME

My nickname is Kuba_T1000, I'm a Graphic Designer.
My interests and working duties revolve around anything related to computers, graphics, modelling and photography.
As a freelancer I maily deal with web design using HTML, CSS and PHP technology combined with the MySQL databases and creating web templates and professional logotypes with a specific focus on ensuring maximum usability and functionality.


What I'M Doing


I'm projecting a new website containing all info about Minigun, and Airsoft sport.


Current site version:
20.00h 17.11.2010


I'm free for freelance work.


If you have question, send me an e-mail.