CAW M134 MOSFET Trigger

CAW Minigun has one BIG disadvantage - can shoots only for 5 seconds burts. Why? It's factory limitation. So let's make this minigun The Real Minigun.
My desing uses two standard mosfet transistors, which are able to gives over 400A of continuous current. YES! That's very high power.
You can connect a remote controled unit into the SW1 switch. It will eliminate second wire to original trigger.

CAW M134 MInigun Mosfet Trigger Unit - Inside View

   Mosfet Trigger Unit - Inside View.


Electronics Schematic Layout

    Schematic Layout

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Schematic Simulation Video



Parts List:

At first go to the shop to gather some electronic components.

No. Quantity Name Value
1 1 Plastic Box -
2 1 Radiator -
3 2 LED Diode -
4 1 Thick wires -
5 2 Transistor N-MOSFET IRF1342
6 1 Diode 1N4148
7 2 Resistor 100 Ohm
8 2 Resistor 30k Ohm
9 2 Resistor 1k Ohm
10 1 Connectors -

CAW M134 MInigun Mosfet Trigger Unit - with wires Picture

   Mosfet Trigger Unit with wires.