Threads and Holes



Some of previous parts required threads for easy connection.
You can choose the type of thread on its own. Below I ticked where the thread should be used.

No. Parts Name Parts Side Threads Type
1 Main Body Rear Internal
2 Main Body Rear Cover Front External
3 Main Body-Additional-Handle Mount Rear Internal
4 Main Body-Handle Mount Middle - Vertical Internal
5 Motor Housing Front Internal
6 Motor Housing Rear Internal
7 Motor Rear Cover Front External
8 Motor Front Cover Rear External
9 Motor-MainBody Montage Handle Rear - Horizontal Internal
10* Motor-MainBody Montage Handle Middle - Vertical Internal
11 Feeder Housing Rear Internal
12 Feeder Rear Cover Front External
13 Rear Handle Bottom - Vertical Internal
14 Y-style Link Rear Internal
15 T-style Montage elmement I Bottom Internal
* not in previous plans

Threads 1 picture

   Threads: No. 1 - Main Body, No. 11 - Feeder Housing, No. 12 - Feeder Rear Cover.


Threads 2 picture

   Threads No. 2 - Main Body Rear Cover.


Threads 3 picture

   Threads No. 3 - Main Body-Additional-Handle Mount.


Threads 4 picture

   Threads No. 4 - Main Body-Handle Mount.


Threads 5 picture

   Threads: No. 5 - Motor Housing, No. 8 - Motor Front Cover, No. 9 - Motor-MainBody Montage Handle.


Threads 7 picture

   Threads: No. 6 - Motor Housing, No. 7 - Motor Rear Cover.


Threads 9 picture

   Threads: No. 9 - Motor-MainBody Montage Handle, No. 8 - Motor Front Cover.


Threads 10 picture

   Threads No. 10 - Motor-MainBody Montage Handle.


Threads 13 picture

   Threads No. 13 - Rear Handle.


Threads 14 picture

   Threads No. 14 - Y-style Link.


Threads 15 picture

   Threads No. 15 - T-style Montage elmement I.




Some of previous parts required holes to make connection with other parts possible.
Below you can see where you need to drill some holes.

Look at pictures below. More important information is that you have to make this hole on your feelings. It will be good :) At first place FEEDER to MAINBODY and check position of holes, after that make required holes. The most important is to place Feed Link Tube at right angle.

Hole 1 picture

    Holes on Feeder Unit.


Hole 2 picture

    Holes on Main Body Unit


Hole 3 picture

    Holes for Feed Link.


Hole 4 picture

    Feed Link in Feeder.


Hole 5 picture

    Screws in Main Body.


Hole 6 picture

    Air Cable in Feeder-MainBody.



Also important is to place Feeder, Motor and Main Body-T-Handle Mount at right angle to Main Body.

 Main Body Parts Angle - Dimensions picture

    Main Body Parts Angle. - Dimensions.

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Drill one hole for each side of Front Handle Unit. Holes at: Front Handle elmement No.I, Front Handle elmement No.III, Y-style Link should be in the same line, you need to screw this in one piece. See below:

Hole 7 picture

    Holes for Front Handle.


Hole 8 picture

    Front Handle - Assembled.