CO2 System

Element 1 - Bottle

Bottle provides CO2 power for more than two minutes at 10 bars (145PSI).
If you try to empty the bottle all at once then you will get lower time and the bottle will have to warm up before you can shoot again.

Co2 Bottle picture

   Co2 1.5kg Bottle.



Element 2 - Pressure Regulator

CO2 Regulator has two gauges showing pressure in the CO2 Tank and on the Output. The pressure is adjustable from 1 to 15 bars (14 to 217 PSI).

Pressure Regulator picture

   Pressure Regulator.



Element 3 - High Pressure Cable

CO2 Tubing Air Pipe for Regulator have standard size: 4mm internal diameter, 6mm outside diameter. Maximum working pressure is about 20 bars (290PSI).
Quick-connector also provides speed connection time.

Pressure Airlines picture

   Pressure Airlines with quick-connector.