The easiest way to fast-shooting airsoft gun.

BB Machine Gun is made from commonly available materials. I used a NIBCO PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Schedule 40 Pressure Fittings pipes, that ensure reliability and security, and they are cheap.

Strafer picture

   Strafer BB Machine GUN.



First Step - PVC external body

Below is a list of required purchases:

Nibco PVC Parts:
No. Quantity Parts Size
1 1 SCH 40 Pipe 3/4"
2 1 SCH 40 Pipe 2"
3 4 Tee 3/4"
4 1 Tee 2"
5 4 Elbow 45 degree 3/4"
6 1 Elbow 90 degree 3/4"
7 2 Coupling 3/4"
8 1 Coupling 2"
9 1 Reductor 2" to 3/4"
10 1 Reductor 2" to 1-1/4"
11 1 Reductor 1-1/4" to 3/4"
12 1 Caps 2"
13 1 Caps 3/4"
14 1 Female Adapter - Needs Match 1/2"
15 1 Plugs 1/2"
16 1 PVC Glue  

Strafer in parts picture

   Strafer - Parts number.



Above you can see how to mount all individual parts. You should start from mount Vortex Block inside the 1/2" T fitting. Use lots of glue. Barrel mount at the end of the work. Not now! Now use plastic o-ring to mount the barrel into pipe. This will prevent movement of the barrel inside pipe. Next connect pressure cable from Vortex Block to the Trigger. Trigger is ready to mount into a rest of pipes. If all is done mount the barrel. It is very important to use enough glue. This will strengthen the structure.

Now you need good air-source to power you BB gun, and you can start shooting.


Second Step - Internal firing mechanism

Vortex Block is the most important parts of Strafer gun. It is used to quide BBs into the barrel. Vortex may be made of aluminum or hard plastic - Teflon.
Look at the pictures below... There are required plans and dimensions to making. Also free 3D Model is available.

Vortex Block 3D Model Planspicture

   Vortex Block - 3D Model. Contains all dimensions.

Click to Download Vortex Block 3D Model for Free



Vortex Block picture

   Vortex Block - done.



Third Step - Internal gas trigger

To control the air flow is the trigger. Basic Internal mechanism is used form a pneumatic gun. Below you can see blueprints of necessary parts.
After making the hausing, simply screw-in the valve and connect airlines.


Strafer Trigger Housing picture

   Strafer Trigger Housing.


Strafer Trigger v2 picture

   Strafer Trigger Mechanism - Used from blow gun.




Remember: This BB Machine Gun is dangerous if used improperly. Use eye protection glasses, and do not shoot animals or humans.