Electric Airsoft Ammo Box

Five Minutes Non-Stop Shooting, 3000rounds/min

This device performs two function: feeds BBs and manages gas system. Uses standard airsoft M4 hi-cap with electric motor instead of the standard spring to feed BBs. Solenoid valve regulates the flow of gas (CO2). Maximum pressure is 14 Bars (203PSI). Remote control system allows to operating without any additional cables.
Battery powered with two 12V aku.
Magazine hold 16 000 BBs. This means that you can still shoot for a long time. Large weight prevents wearing. But if you are strong you can try. A perfect place to install is a car or a defensive position.

Ammo Box picture

   Ammo Box electric powered, and remote controlled.


Ammo Box picture 1

   Ammo Box - Internal View.


Ammo Box picture 2

   Ammo Box - External View.



First Step - Box making

At first go to the shop to gather some wood planks - I used a chipboard.

Thickness: 3mm
No. Quantity Parts Size
1 2 Front and Rear Cover 401 x 241 mm
2 1 Up Cover 401 x 81 mm
3 1 BB Chamber Separation 500 x 81 mm

Thickness: 18mm
No. Quantity Parts Size
1 2 Left and Right Side 81 x 241 mm
2 2 Up and Down 365 x 81 mm
3 2 Additional, we'll use it later 200 x 81 mm

Ammo Box Wood Materials

   Ammo Box Top and Middle wood parts.



Check that all parts fit and use some screws to put it all in one piece. Glue is not required.
Do a hole on top. It will be used to complement of ammunition. I used old Computer Power Supply connector. It looks great.
Now AmmoBox is almost ready :) Difficult part ahead of you.


Second Step - Feed Mechanism

This was the hardest part of the whole project ;)
I made many different attempts, but this version of the system is running very stable and reliable. Generally, sending the BB for a long chute slows down the speed of feeding. Very important is to use a smooth feed chute. Air pressure from Hop-Up unit is pushing the BBs back to AmmoBox so it have to work harder. AmmoBox use standard airsoft Hi-Cap magazine. The difference is that it use electric motor for spinning the mechanism and it has huge ammunition storage.
As motor I used an electric screwdriver. It's able to work with voltage between 2-12V. Additional PWM control system is regulating the rotation-speed.
OK, too much talking - let's make something :)

Remove the cover of magazine and attach the Hi-Cap to the left side of AmmoBox. Use screws or metal pieces. The Hi-Cap should be able to remove at any time, without undue effort. If Hi-Cap is monted, drill a hole above the Hi-Cap feed connector. Use a 8mm hi-pressure chute to make the possible to get out of BBs outer the AmmoBox. Take a look at picture:

Ammo Box Hi-Cap Montage

   Ammo Box Hi-Cap Montage.


Ammo Box Feed Chute Connector

   Ammo Box Feed Chute Connector.



As Motor for Hi-Cap I used a screwdriver buyed at Tesco Market. It uses 3.6V. Adjusting the voltage allows you to adjust the speed. To silent the motor I used the sound absorption mat.

Ammo Box - Motor

   Motor. The original and modified.



Connection for MOTOR<->Hi-CAP is needed so it required somethink like that:

Motor and Hi-Cap Connector

   Motor and Hi-Cap Connector.


Motor and Hi-Cap Connected View

   Motor and Hi-Cap Connected View.



Third Step - Electronics

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