My Minigun version history

The past... It's gone!

On this page you can see my older minigun pictures. From first version made using PVC pipes, to newest made using CNC machines and lots of aluminum and hard work.

As a fan of Terminator 2 film directed by James Cameron I was fascinated by the scene where Terminator shoots from Cyberdyne Company by a window using General Electric Minigun. I began to research everything about miniguns on the Internet. I remember it was a video of Paul Piper M134A1 Minigun replica, where someone was shooting to the old TV. Thus began my minigun fascination.

First Minigun Version

First minigun picture

   From the look that's not Minigun, but only quick-firing replica in minigun style.



Made at the lowest cost plastic replica. I was very impressed by its capabilities. Firing mechanism for the first generation required improvements. BBs was able to pour themselves from a barrel, if the replica was bent. The cost of this version was around $150.
Once you start you can't stop. Soon I decided to make a new replica. Closest to the original as soon as possible. It was the beginning of 2007.

Second Minigun Version

Second minigun picture

    It is technically my the most advanced model. The whole project took me a few years. I finished it in February 2009.



After a long time designing and much more time designing I managed to do a good-looking replica. At this point I would like to thank Paul Piper for his support.
Replica was made on CNC machines which provided highest quality. Is made entirely of aluminum.
The cost of the whole project was about $1000 - $1400. The model are not the whole budget. It was necessary to make several prototype parts, and the purchase of some equipment. In addition, the production only one unit is very expensive. Many of you probably noticed that my model was made in 1:2 scale. That is right. To reduce costs I decided to take this step. If not - the cost of production full scale replica would be too high.

Third (3D) Minigun Version

Third minigun picture

   For this project I made two 3D models.



Possibility to design and test model using a computer before making the real model was very useful. I used the excellent 3D software - Solidoworks.
Now models are available for you, for a small price.