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Kuba_T1000July 18, 2010 Reply

Hello everyone! Leave your comment or sugestion here.

NikonSeptember 6, 2010 Reply

You went through the trouble of machining all these parts for a realistic looking airsoft minigun, and the damn barrels dont even rotate? Lame!

Kuba_T1000September 6, 2010 Reply

I had two options:
1) 1:2 scale model without spinning barrels, but shooting.
2) 1:2 scale model with spinning barrels, but without shooting.
I chose first one.
In this scale model there isn\'t a free space for barrels spinning mechnism.

If I will make a 1:1 version the barrels will be working as in original :)

Knut ToftSeptember 2, 2010 Reply

Love the site and your miniguns!

I\'m rely thankfull for the tutorials, but there is still alot that i dont understand because it\'s not finished yet.
Can\'t wait for the updates!

I will donate when i\'m done with my minigun :D

dmanSeptember 25, 2010 Reply

Hi. Im so happy i finally found a site that helps people make mini-guns, rather than just sell them. :) i have a few questions and comments if you don\'t mind:

Would your free 3d models work on Autodesk Inventor? because thats the only 3d modeling program i have, and know how to use well. sorry i don\'t know much about rendering formats and whatnot.

Ive been wanting to build a mini gun for sometime now, i just don\'t have the wallet, and i didn\'t know where to start. this site gave me many ideas, and one of my firing mech prototypes was very similar to yours, and im glad someone finally perfected it. :D

i have an idea for the spinning barrels comment. to make the gun shoot out of all six barrels would be a real chore, as i found out through my research, but i thought why not just shoot through one barrel, located in the center, and have the rest of the barrels just spin around it? i know on 1/2 scale models there would be no room for it, but possibly on a 1/1 you could hide a little motor mech in the body somewhere, which could just be wired with the trigger. just an idea. :P

also one more question i had was the barrel dimensions... since this gun uses so much ammo, i probably wont want to buy super precision bbs for it, so i don\'t know what the inner barrel diameter should be. what was your inner barrel diameter? i was thinking of a 6.08mm barrel, as are standard barrel bore for most aegs, because even though a tight-bore would be better, it might clog due to the rof... have you ever had a jam?

thanks in advance for the help. i look forward to the updates on this site, and i hope to donate soon. :)

Kuba_T1000September 26, 2010 Reply

-> Autodesk Inventor:
I don\'t use it, no idea about 3D filetypes what are supported in this program. I think that file convertion will be needed.

-> YES, In 1:1 scale model there is a free space to make barrels spinning. In my opinion barrels spinning is worth to make only if gun will be shotting from each barrel separately, as in real version.
Unfortunately, I could not finalize it yet.

-> Inner barrel diameter:
I used an aluminum pipe from local \"Building Shop\", there are the differences between the pipes, I selected one with internal diameter around 6.1mm. But I\'ve a few with 5.96mm and with 6.15 and similar :)
I never had a jam in a barrel, or Hop-Up unit. I use only precision BBs. Jam by the bad BBs are only in a Ammo Box. BBs should be as smooth as possible. After the shooting at home I use the same BBs again, sometimes it causes jams (only in AmmmoBox).

john shawOctober 1, 2010 Reply

Could you machine mill a plastick block? And if so, could you use a cnc machine? It would make it a lot mor legal for aisoft since it wouldn\'t look so real. It would also make it a lot cheaper. Right

Kuba_T1000October 1, 2010 Reply

All parts were made using CNC machines.
If you use hard plastic block, it should works. But in 1:1 scale weight probably will be too high so plastic can be broken.

HermitbirdNovember 24, 2010 Reply

Hello, I\'m not very old, (12) and my neighbor works at a place with a cnc machine. How much would it cost to make each peice?

Kuba_T1000November 28, 2010 Reply

I think it will be too expensive as for 12 years old child.
I paid for all parts for only my Minigun (without AmmoBox) about $850.

cadeingramMarch 6, 2011 Reply

where did you get the handle from and can i get a list of all the parts

Kuba_T1000March 9, 2011 Reply

All parts ware made by CNC Company, but Front Handle elmement No.II was adopted from \"Furniture Handle\" :)
For list of the parts, check: Gallery - My 3D Models - and picture No. 99 and 100.

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dmanJune 28, 2011 Reply

hi. i am attempting to build the hpa conversion mod u have.i am confused on a few things so far...

for the electronics, what is the function of the jumper pin? it looks like it would bypass a resistor.
also where do i connect the trigger? i saw in the picture of the control box that there was a connection above the jumper pin, on the top left hand corner, but i could not find it in the schematic.

regarding the solenoid valves, where could i buy the large solenoid valve? i saw the smaller one from a site located in poland but i could not find the larger one that you had used. also i am unsure of them.. do i need to buy an additional plug thing to go over the shaft? also how do i know which ones of those are compatible with which solenoids? also i was wondering what the diameter of the hose was, and what the diameter of the hole in the rear plug is (the hole that connects to the hose).

sorry for all the questions, and thank you for the help and all the wonderful tutorials!

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