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As freelancer I offer the best solution around the web. Graphic design, HTML & CSS and PHP websites.
Explore my portfolio, and experience a world of advanced web pages.


D.I.Y. - Airsoft M134 Minigun and AEG to HPA Mod

I'd like to share with you about the knowledge of making Airsoft M134 Minigun. Also you can get 3D Minigun models for Solidworks or 3D Studio Max. Free version is available.
My latest project: AEG to HPA Conversion Mod. Check it!


Online shop | Sklep Internetowy

Tutaj zamówisz konwersję AEG to HPA by Kuba_T1000. Gotowy zestaw, lub elementy do samodzielnego montażu. Dostępny tylko dla użytkowników z regionu: Polska.
Website is available only for polish users.